13 Oct 5 Great Resources for Wine Lovers

It’s no secret that we love a good wine here at Le Pratola. We are, after all, nestled in the glorious Tuscan hills, surrounded by fields of vines as far as the eye can see. There’s even a wine named after our villa.

le pratola wine

But as much as we love wine, we do sometimes find it difficult to decide which wine to choose when in a restaurant or to serve with dinner at home. If you find yourself in the same predicament, why not try one of these fantastic resources made especially for wine lovers?

Matching Food and Wine

Matching Food and Wine is a comprehensive website covering all the wine basics you need to know, as well as offering “top pairings” for everything from fancy meat dishes through to a humble plate of fish and chips.

Essential Wine Apps

Technology is great, isn’t it? There’s an app for everything, and wine is no exception. Check out these 4 amazing wine apps, as recommended by Elite Fine Wines.

Decanter Magazine

Decanter covers everything you could possibly want to know about wine, with sections on their website dedicated to news and opinions, travel, events, and awards. You can subscribe to both the print and digital versions of the magazine, or simply check out their website.

Local Wine Events

This brilliant website provides the ability to search for local food and wine events, no matter where you are in the world. Events range from festivals and tasting opportunities, through to classes and tours. You can even sign up for their weekly newsletter, ensuring you get an update of local events sent directly to your inbox.

The Wine Society

The Wine Society dates back to the end of the 19th century, and is now an internationally renowned, multi-award-winning Society.  Putting people before profits, the Society’s aim is to bring high quality wines from across the world to its members, at prices from as little as £7.95 per bottle. Members pay £40 for a lifetime share, with no minimum order required – you can buy as little or as often as you like.


We hope that you find these resources helpful. Do let us know if you use any of them, or if you find any others you think we should check out.

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