Ancient History 

Villa Le Pratola has a proud 500 year history both as an important farmhouse and as a look-out for monitoring the advance of the armies of Florence and Siena as they waged war against each other over several centuries. The villa’s thick stone walls, central courtyard structure, strategic hill top position and watch tower represent this history.

Le Pratola was once part of the Rocca di Castagnoli estate which in the eighteenth century was one of the area’s most celebrated wine and olive estates, as noted by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo in 1773. In 1924 Rocca di Castagnoli, together with nearby Brolio castle’s Ricasoli family and a few other successful wineries, created the Consortium of Classic Chianti wine, the official body for Chianti.

Rocca di Castagnoli estate continues to produce wine and it’s most successful wine is a merlot/sangiovese supertuscan wine called ‘Le Pratola’, named after the villa that was once part of the estate and which is now under private ownership for your enjoyment.

A Modern Love Story 

In 2006 we fell for an ancient 600 square metre Tuscan farmhouse called Le Pratola and embarked upon a restoration project to create a 21st century Tuscan home. This has been a labour of love and not just for us- we were blessed to find an amazing team of local craftsmen and professionals who dedicated themselves to the Le Pratola project. Please come and visit and experience this for yourselves- for a while, live the life of your dreams and create memories to last generations. Read about our journey in Italy Magazine here.

A Retreat

Our objective was to to create an oasis of calm and tranquility, a retreat from everyday stresses, where everyone can re-energize and spend their precious leisure time doing things they most desire – dedicating themselves to family and friends, expanding their senses by immersing themselves in Tuscan culture and local sports, or relaxing by doing as little as possible – maybe some swimming, reading in the shade or playing a game of chess.

Our Ecological Credentials

It is key to us that Le Pratola is as ecologically responsible as possible, therefore solar panels heat water, the underfloor heating is fuelled by wood and the garden irrigation is provided by collected rainfall water. Water to Le Pratola is derived from it own well & water is softened & sterilised so suitable for consumption. We encourage guests to recycle as much as possible, to naturally keep the villa cool and to decrease waste. To this extent we provide many of the kitchen, cleaning & laundry products required to avoid duplicate buying. Please help us with our objectives of respecting the surrounding environment.

Looking Forward to Welcoming You