Le Pratola Guide to Sustainable Tourism


07 Dec Le Pratola Guide to Sustainable Tourism

We’ve long supported the need to protect our beautiful environment. At Le Pratola we have invested in renewable fuel systems, solar panels, we have our own fresh water well and we recycle waste. We know our guests support and share our aims so we thought we’d share some tips to help make our guests stay both pleasurable and responsible.

Top tips for guests of rental properties

  • Always recycle waste
  • Use air conditioning only when required and close windows, blinds and doors to minimise temperature loss
  • Minimise energy used: turn off lights, avoid over long showers, run appliances at night
  • Cut down on plastic: Where possible, use tap water rather than buy water & multi use water cups when out & about
  • Dry pool towels in open air after use
  • Avoid excessive washing by reusing towels where possible
  • Reduce shopping by requesting owners pre-stock all basics
  • Eat locally grown and seasonal produce: visit local farmers markets
  • If available dine in villa as a group ‘family’ style -this is less wasteful and more economical than restaurant dining
  • Find out about & support local eco programs such as Rome’s ‘exchange a plastic bottle for a free ride on the city’s transport system’ scheme


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