Le Pratola Luxury Villa Tuscany
22 Nov
Capturing the Dream

One Sunday morning after another punishing week at work, we saw an ad in the weekend FT for a villa for sale in...

wine resources
13 Oct
5 Great Resources for Wine Lovers

It's no secret that we love a good wine here at Le Pratola. We are, after all, nestled in the glorious Tuscan hills,...

Speak like an Italian in less than a minute (free video)
19 May
Speak like an Italian

If you’ve always dreamt of learning a few friendly phrases for your trip to Italy (or even to your local Italian restaurant) please watch...

Women and Wine
27 Feb
Women and Wine

There’s no denying that Tuscany is famous for its wine making traditions, with the popular Chianti Classico tracing its roots back to at...

Ultimate Tuscany Bucket List Gallery
14 Feb
Ultimate Tuscany Bucket List

Whenever you travel to somewhere as rich and varied as Tuscany, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. No matter how many...

12 Aug
Fresh produce as it grows

Guests visiting Le Pratola will be provided with fresh produce, as it grows, straight out of our vegetable garden.  Our gardener has been...

12 Aug
As featured in Italy Magazine

We've featured in Italy Magazine as one of the top 5 places to experience if you're staying in 'la Vendemmia' in Tuscany. Tuscany is...