Le Pratola’s Pizza Oven

17 Sep Le Pratola’s Pizza Oven

At Le Pratola we are delighted to have a large domed shaped brick pizza oven in our courtyard. This year we reconditioned the oven, giving it a new tiled floor and re-surfacing the large domed roof. The result have been fabulous. Our pizza oven now takes less time to get super hot (3-4 hours) and stays hot for longer. This means guests have more time and flexibility to cook their pizzas. Temperatures in the pizza oven reach 300-400 degrees C or 600-800 degrees F. It’s important to be well prepared with your pizza toppings so that once the dough is laid out you can quickly add your favourite toppings (savoury or sweet) and cook. It takes minutes to produce a delicious, crispy pizza. To guarantee the authentic experience most guests opt for Monica, one of our chefs, to come up and show them how to make the dough by hand and then fire the pizzas using our pizza shovels. Our house manager Arsen ensures the fire is ready at the required time so guests can concentrate on savouring the pizzas with a glass or two of wine..

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