Escape to Italy and come and live the life of your dreams


Our exclusive villas are ideal for remote working and allow you to experience Italy like a local.

Choose a long term rental from our property portfolio and base yourself in one of our luxury villas for one to several months.

Immerse yourself in a new lifestyle that balances work, inspiring experiences and integration in the local community and escape the confinements of normal life.

We make one of our villas your home by customising to your personal and professional requirements.

Our large properties have space to set up remote work zones for both adults and children. Each residence has strong wifi and additional equipment, including office chairs, desks, printers and white boards can easily be arranged.

For children we can arrange quiet study spaces and arrange educational support in academic subjects from specialist tutors (maths, English, foreign languages, sciences and classics) as well as in recreational sport activities.

To support busy households we have a range of services to ensure you can focus on your family and business needs while enjoying every moment:

  • Daily maid service
  • Personal chef
  • Food deliveries
  • Pick up of groceries, parcels and other postal services
  • Assist with medical care
  • Membership to sports clubs, tennis and horse-riding

For when you are not working we can arrange inspiring and fun week-end trips to cities such as Rome and Florence, pre-book tickets to museums, sports events, concerts and exhibitions.

Discover a new way of living with our long term rentals and embrace the Italian way of life. Start your day with outdoor exercise or personal training on-line and break up the day’s work with lunches in local towns and villages, perhaps with a bottle of wine. Finish your day with a cocktail overlooking a sunset on the beautiful hill sides. Feel refreshed and reinvigorated in your environment and make each day different.


Live a different life

We create bespoke life enhancing experiences for families seeking a change in routine

We offer flexible and competitive terms for longer term lets on many of our properties

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``Choosing to base ourselves in Italy has been one of the best experiences in our lives. We have successfully been able to work and teach our three children remotely and combine it with a heavenly way of life. Our mornings were filled with sport followed by a leisurely lunch and then all of us at our desks fresh and invigorated to tackle the US work day. The support we received at Le Pratola was outstanding and helped make it all possible, we have just loved every moment “ Simon
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