Noble families and Renowned Artists

The apartment is set in an historical palace that dates back to the first half of the sixteenth century. The original building was constructed for the noble prelate monsignor Costanzo Patrizi, and was then sold to brothers Ascanio and Prospero Costaguti whose heirs still maintain ownership of the palace and the noble title of Marquess. Powerful figures in their time, the Costaguti family renovated the palace, expanding it and commissioning highly acclaimed architects and painters from Rome.

Following the canon of Renaissance architecture, the palace features a piano nobile (main noble floor) accessed by a stately marble staircase. The noble floor housed the main public rooms for receptions and parties as well as the master bedrooms. These rooms now form part of this delightful apartment. The decorated interiors feature some of the most famous painters of the late Renaissance and early Baroque gracing the walls and ceilings with works of art, the main living room has a fresco depicting the Allegories of the Months and Virtues.

World Class Art  

Original 16th and 17th century frescoes by celebrity artists at the time, such as the Zuccari brothers and Cavalier d’Arpino (one of Caravaggio’s early teachers) decorate the ceilings with museum-quality works. 

Past meets Future

The Apartment has recently been refurbished by a leading Italian architectural firm who also commissioned a series of modern artwork which were carried out by a group of young, local Roman artists and students. The decision to work with student artists draws a parallel with the early 17th century fresco in the billiard room by Cavalier d’Arpino who was the master of a painting school in Rome where Caravaggio studied when he first arrived in the Eternal City. 

Some of the works are completely of the students’ own invention (the horse near the dining table and the abstract works in the bedrooms), while other works are re-visitations of modern works by such artists as Domenico Gnoli (enlarged details like the neck tie, button, high heels, and bath tub paintings) and Joyce Pensato (graffiti-esque Mickey Mouse painting). 

Looking Forward to Welcoming You