A Canaletto inspiration

The Apartment House was depicted by the painter Canaletto in 1755 in the painting ‘Night time celebration outside the Church of San Pietro di Castello’.

Once a boathouse belonging to the boatman for the Archbishop of Venice in recent years the house has been completely restored and brought up to date. Archives and Canaletto paintings were consulted to ensure the restoration was structurally authentic down to the most minute architectural feature. The result is beautiful.

With carefully curated pieces of modern-vintage furniture, exposed original brick, the highest thread-count linens, a fabulous collection of contemporary paintings and a library filled with books about Venice, art and food – everything handpicked.


San Pietro in Castello was for more than 500 years until 1807, the patriarchal church of Venice and seat of the religious authority in the adjacent Palazzo del Patriarca. The area is located between the two major exhibition centres in Venice, Giardini della Biennale and Arsenale. These days the Sestiere of Castello is the heart of Venice’s art scene, just a stone’s throw from the Biennale.

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